Bıçakcılar Mobiline 650 Stretcher is a functional and reliable product designed for examinations, minor surgical procedures, and patient transportation. It is a truly versatile table with wide range of applications for all hospitals and clinics.

The tabletop is raised and lowered by a hydraulic foot pedal system in a quiet and nonvibrating manner.

Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg, renal surgery and head-backrest positions are adjusted manually by a block-lift mechanism.

Stretcher top is formed by head­ backrest and seat-leg sections. Extra patient comfort is provided by a specially designed 80 mm viscolex mattress, with an antibacterial surface. The mattress is manufactured with flame retarding materials arranged as viscoelastic layers, conforming to patients body contour by its inherent resilient texture. This feature is especially useful for prolonged use, by increasing surface area at pressure points and supporting dermal microcirculation. The mattress is secured to the stretcher top with Welcro fasteners, that detach instantly upon light pull, and embedded tight sewing lines enable cleaning with ordinary antiseptic solutions. Stretcher top is protected with an all around bumper system.

The large casters (one of them is antistatic) allow high maneuverability and provide comfort during transportation. The system operated by a foot pedal alters motions of the table. Central brake system allows four casters to move freely or releases the 5th wheel or secures the table in desired position. The 5th wheel helps to steer Mobiline 650 Stretcher around corners and at slopes with little affort and freely by one person.

The versatility of the Bıçakcılar Mobiline 650 makes it a valuable choice for today's healthcare facilities, and meets the demands of the future.

Height adjustment: 580 - 800 mm

Height adjustment (w/mattress): 660 - 880 mm

Tabletop: 700 x 2100 mm

Tabletop base: 600 x 1080 mm

Head-backrest section: 700 x 750 mm

Seat-leg section: 700 x 1320 mm

Patient surface: 600 x 1900 x 80 mm

M2M 400 0 0

Net weight: 115 kg

Gross weight: 152 kg

Packing dimensions: 800 x 2150 x 850 mm

Trendelenburg: 10°

Reverse Trendelenburg: 10°

Renal surgery: 165°

Head-backrest section:85° upward, 15° downward

Standard Accessories

  1. I.V. stand - Telescopic, folding (1 ea)

  2. 5th wheel

  3. Mattress (1 ea)

  4. Storage basket (1 ea)

  5. Body strap (1 ea)


  1. I.V. stand - Telescopic, folding (For foot side)

  2. I.V.stand - Telescopic Monitor tray/foot board

  3. 5 L. Oxygen cylinder holder

  4. Radiographic tabletop set (Ref M2M 660 0 0)

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