The Mobiline 675 Multipurpose Stretcher is a full function, durable and economical choice for patient transport at any hospital department. From a wide variety of accessories and factory installed options you can choose the model that is best for your needs.

Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg position of the patient during critical situations can be handled rapidly from both sides of the foot end (as an option from both head and foot ends) with blocklift system. The backrest block-lift system gives you the power to effortlessly raise and lower the patient into a wide range of comfortable positions. A smooth functioning, easily accessible hand crank at the foot end quickly controls knee positions and foot height can be practically adjusted with a manually controlled mechanism.

The full-length, stainless steel, locking tuck-away side rails ensure maximum safety for  both the patient and staff. They  provide easy access and the tuck-away rails let Mobiline 67 5 to lie flush with the bed for zero transfer gap and easier patient transfer.

Precision casters make the stretcher easy to maneuver, even on rough surfaces. Easy access controls for braking and 5th wheel make Mobiline 675 easy to steer.

Central brake system operated by a foot pedal alters motions of the table. The system allows four casters to move freely or releases the 5th wheel or secures the table in desired position. The 5th wheel helps to steer Mobiline 675 Stretcher around corners and at slopes with little affort and freely by one person. The 80 mm thick mattress provides maximum patient comfort. Removable mattress and the stretcher top are easy-to-clean. All around bumpers and variety of accessories are designed to provide comfortable and functional use for the hospital staff.

Hands-free hydraulic height adjustment system is operated by a T-pedal at the foot end (as an option at both head and foot ends). The stretcher top raises and lowers smooth and evenly. The optional full length Radiographic Table Top can be easily installed and removed for X-ray procedures. The optional Radiographic Back Section coupled with the pneumatically assisted backrest section, provide for easy and precise chest X-rays.

Height adjustment: 615-870mm

Height adjustment (w/mattress): 695-950 mm

Tabletop: 750x2120mm

Table base: 665 x 1360 mm

Head-backrest section: 555 x 695 mm

Seat section: 555 x 490 mm

Foot section: 555 x 590 mm

Patient surface: 680 x 1920 x 80 mm

 M2Y 000 0 0

Net weight: 133 kg

Gross weight: 170 kg

Packing dimensions: 800 x 2150 x 850 mm


Reverse Trendelendurg:

Head-backrest section: Upward 85°

Foot section: Upward 35°

Leg: Upward 35°

Knee flex Fowler

Standard Accessories

  1. I.V. stand - Telescopic, folding (1 ea) (for 675)

  2. Storage Basket (1 ea)

  3. Mattress (1 ea)

  4. 5th wheel

Factory Installed Options

  1. Foot/head end hydraulic height control

  2. Foot/head end Trendelenburg adjustment

  3. Radiographic back section


  1. I.V. stand - Telescopic

  2. Body strap

  3. Side rail mattress

  4. Radiographic tabletop

  5. X-ray cassette holder

  6. Head/foot board (Push-pull bar)

  7. Monitor tray/foot board

  8. Tissue paper dispenser

  9. Examination tissue paper

  10. Oxygen cylinder basket

  11. 80mm viscolex mattress (Ref MT2 04 049)

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