Our Aspirators can save lives by reaching to patients no matter where they are.

Portable aspirators are an important tool in saving lives fo patients that are treated at home as the first line of defense against aspiration and respiratory obstructions. There are a variety of reasons for suctioning a patient with special needs, but the primary reason is the same for any patient: to avoid hypoxia by maintaining airway patency. Here are some signs and symptoms that may indicate your patient requires suction:

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Nasal flaring

  • Patient positioning

  • Abnormal respiratory pattern

  • Obstruction - Determine the nature of the obstruction

  • Partial - Allowing reduced airflow

  • Complete - Total cessation of breathing

  • Excessive secretions

  • Saliva/phlegm

  • Blood

  • Vomit

  • One-Liter collecting bottle

  • 0-600/650 mmHg vacuum power (at see level)

  • Easy monitoring with vacuum meter adjusting the vacuum value

  • Flow (airflow): 20 lt/min

  • Dual safety that prevents liquid from running into the pump:

    • Buoy System

    • Hydrophobic filter:

    It can be installed in the slot on the container lid, easily monitored and easily replaced when the filter is contaminated. It allows air passage by filtering in the aspiration process and prevents fluid passage. Prevents liquid passage from the container to the pump during aspiration process

  • Sterile, transparent jar with autoclave

  • Signal lamps showing device operation, electiric network availability and battery status.

  • Silent, dry vacuum pump; maintenance and periodic oiling not required

  • Pump Motor speed: 2500 rpm/min

  • Metal, anti-rust epoxy polyester powder furnace paint for durable body

  • Painted with silver ion technology and antimicrobial effect

  • Mobile five-wheeled, polished aluminum spider foot option

  • Supply voltage : 110/230V 50/60Hz

  • Can operate with battery for 60 minutes without the need for connected power

  • Dimensions : Device : 345 x 250 x 305 mm

M8F 400 O O

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