For operating room, critical care, emergency care and outpatient clinic use

2, 3 and 5 L single/double polycarbonate bottle combinations

Suitable for use with canister systems

0-680/710 mmHg vacuum range (at sea level)

Vacuum diversion knob to select bottle

Vacuum adjust knob and 100mm gauge

Output: 60L/min. motor pump

Pump Type: Piston pump

Air filter

One suction bag remains functional while other is being discarded

Ergonomic control panel design with 25 degree angle

Fluid aspiration into the pump:

• Floating valve,

• Hydrophobic filter:

  • Tight seal lid with clear view of the filter, enabling prompt filter change

  • Hydrophobic filter allows free air-flow, but prevents fluid overflow, protecting the pump

Steering handle

Basket in the rear for spare suction catheters

Rinse solution receptacle and two separate suction line holders on the sides

Polycarbonate bottle/canister and Lid compatible with steam sterilization (Applicable for 2 and 3 L bottles/ canisters)

Operation status indication lamp

Noise level: 40 dB ±5

Design features to prevent airborn contamination in operating rooms and clean rooms. No requirement for periodic lubrication and maintenance

Motor speed: 1400 rpm

Sturdy body construct with durable polyester dye


Four 360° swivel castors with 100 mm diameter, two with brakes

Optional foot pedal

Rated voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Power consumption: 145 W

Vaculine Maxi Surgical Aspirator is ordered as the basic unit. The bottle kits configuration can be selected according to customer requirements and shall be ordered separately.

Vaculine bottle sets can be ordered as; 2 x 2 liter, 2 x 3 liter or 2 x 5 liter separately according to customer requirements.

M4E 500 0 0 - Vaculine Maxi

M4E 700 0 0 - Vaculine Maxi With Electrical Foot Pedal

Vaculine Bottle Sets

M4X 710 0 0 - 5 L

M4X 703 0 0 - 3 L

M4X 702 0 0 - 2 L

Dimensions: 485 x 650 x 985 mm

Weight: 35 kg

Packing dimensions: 630 x 630 x 1080 mm

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