Bıçakcılar, as the leading medical device company in Turkey, signed a strategic agreement with DESU Medikal. This partnership will focus on providing enhanced living for patients with Hydrocephalus all over the world.

The two companies will collaborate to include global distribution and new product development where both R&D teams will jointly develop new solutions and enhance current implant features to deliver shunts that will improve the life of the patients as well as make it affordable. This is also a major step as Bicakcilar continues with the expansion of their neuro surgery portfolio.  

“Our focus on the well-being of the patient is a major reason for including this product in our portfolio because our mission is to contribute not only to the affordability but also accessibility to the treatment. Not being able to access can create dire consequences such as intracranial higher pressure to prevent from further developing in the brain, creating acute headache, and motor dysfunction, said Souheil ElHakim, CEO of Bicakcilar Medical Devices. “Shunts are used by thousands every year worldwide and they are the only affordable implant that exists in neurosurgery, therefore we are ready to provide the shunts globally”, he added.

According to the International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, in developing countries around 60% of cases of hydrocephalus are caused by infection, usually within the first month of life. 79% of the babies born each year with hydrocephalus will be born in the developing world, with limited or no access to life-saving neurosurgical care. It is one of the main diseases globally that require continued research to find the cause and thus a cure.

Usage of our DESU shunts includes oncology, brain tumors, functional surgery, mental diseases as well as well as all advanced enabling technologies allowing surgeons to perform surgery with greater confidence including Robotics, image assisted technologies, and imaging devices“, said Dr. Mehmet Sorar of DESU Medikal and he continued, “A well-trained resident can easily place the shunt with no requirement for specialists.”

Bicakcilar is committed to their mission of compassion for healthy life and focusing on technologies in that provide medical devices that make living easier, more affordable and effective, and this partnership will reinforce the sustainability of their mission.