Urimeter 500 Plus

Closed system

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  • Product Details
    Measurement of hourly urine volume in the ICU has implications far beyond determining the urine output; it provides critical information on patient's hemodynamic status and clinical progress. It is a simple practical means that complements ICU critical patient monitoring compendium.

    Urimeter 500 Plus is the perfect solution to monitor urine output with accurate, safe, and user friendly attributes.

    • Bottom outlet urine bag with 2000 ml capacity
    • T-type foldable bottom outlet
    • Sampling port for needle use
    • Secure catheter connector
    • 500 ml collecting chamber
    • Fine measuring capacity up to 40 ml
    • Folding bed rail hangers
    • Integrated bypass channel to prevent overflow
    • Adjustable fastening straps
    • Non-return valve
    • Hydrophobic air filter
    • Patient identification tag
    • Large bore, kink resistant 120 cm tubing
    • Push-on closure clamp
    • One-touch fast-flow tap