BIÇAKCILAR has been serving the healthcare industry since 1959 as the leading manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and disposable products.


Bıçakcılar medical equipment and disposable products are produced according to GMP, with latest technologies in state-of-the-art production facilities established on 26.500 m2 land with 30.900 m2 covered area.

Bio compatible raw materials used in production are in conformity to USP and ISO 10993. In-house acceptance controls are also performed to meet the stringent demands of our quality system.

Raw material warehouses are temperature and humidity controlled areas meeting high industry standards.

QC laboratory has been accredited to perform physical, chemical, bio burden, sterility, stability, and EO residual testing, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and highly trained personnel.

In-house mould design and production capability add strength and flexibility both in product design and development stages.

Extrusion, injection and blow molding processes are performed in controlled environments. Product assembly and packaging are performed in class 10 000 and 100 000 clean rooms with a total area of 4.226 m2.

Disposable medical devices to be terminally sterilized are packaged in clean rooms using fully automated equipment with validated processes and packaging materials.

In-house EO sterilization validation is performed in conformity to EN 550 Standard.

Finished products are stored in air-conditioned 3.500 m2 warehouses with around the clock humidity/temperature monitoring.

Bıçakcılar products, services, and activities have an environmental dimension. Bıçakcılar has sustainable development policy in line with the move to a clean and healthy world to future generations so that the environmental impact of products and production processes. Protects and develops the health and safety of its employees.